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Shelly and Bill Freed

My Journey to my Shop

My creative journey commenced in the vibrant setting of my childhood. Raised by a profoundly imaginative designer whose expertise spanned culinary arts, interior design, fashion, and the enchanting world of doll-making, I was immersed in an atmosphere teeming with creativity. Hailing from Simi Valley, California, she was renowned as a distinguished porcelain doll maker, imparting invaluable lessons from her cherished shop.

Her diverse talents extended beyond doll-making; she ventured into the realm of culinary arts, collaborating with esteemed chefs in cooking schools. A penchant for detail led her to explore the realm of hand-painted, embellished denim jackets. Growing up in this captivating environment, my sister and I imbibed a keen eye for detail that permeated everything we undertook.

When my first child entered the world, our creative trio embarked on sewing lessons, crafting bespoke garments for her and my niece. As my 2 daughters and niece matured, I ventured into adorning their dance costumes with dazzling rhinestones. The introduction of an embroidery machine, courtesy of my husband, propelled me towards embellishing team uniforms and crafting awards within the dynamic horse show circuit.

Following a fulfilling 19-year tenure as a dedicated dance mom, my focus shifted. I continued to infuse creativity into the equestrian realm, embroidering distinctive branding onto horse trainers' tack. These experiences paved the path to my present journey.

Transitioning from roles in the corporate and non-profit spheres, my husband's thoughtful gesture of investing in me with a commercial embroidery machine and a direct-to-print/film apparatus ignited a new chapter. Today, my endeavors extend beyond equestrian pursuits. While I persist in crafting bespoke horse awards and seasonal gifts, my repertoire now includes catering to diverse needs—be it corporate apparel, team sports attire, or specialized event and group wear.

Embracing this evolution, I am excited to embark on numerous other engaging projects, each a testament to my passion for creativity and attention to detail. Join me on this artistic journey as we craft unique, personalized creations together.

Thank you for being part of my story.

Warm regards,
Shelly Freed

Shelly Freed Showing

About Us

We are an active family full of love, animals, adventures and faith!

Freed Family
Shelly Freed Dirtbike
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Shelly Freed Showing
Shelly Freed Family at Park
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Shelly Freed and Eli
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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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